The Brides March WILL RETURN in 2015.
Please visit our Facebook page and watch for updates and new information at

Thank you for your continued support!

The 4th Annual Twin Cities Brides March Against Domestic Violence is a protest against domestic violence through the streets of St. Paul. Participants, most in bridal wear, walk along side police officers for the 3-mile journey to the state Capitol. The march was inspired by a young woman in New York who was killed by her abusive former boyfriend on her wedding day. It is the largest fundraiser for Liz's Daughter.
The concept for the Brides March was inspired by the true story of a young woman who was killed by her abusive former boyfriend on her wedding day.

The wedding dress has become a symbol to honor the lives taken as a result of domestic violence. The white dress is also a symbol of hope and support for those who have survived and escaped violent relationships and living situations.
Women are encouraged to wear wedding dresses (optional) or dress in all white. Men are encouraged to either wear tuxedos or dress in all black. These are just suggestions. We just want you there to march with us no matter what you are wearing!
Absolutely! Make your voice heard! Signs or photos that honor loved ones are encouraged.

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